I am a great fan of Sylvester Stallone and his Rocky series. Rocky is a series of movies which go beyond boxing. The series imparts a lot of life lessons. Without any hesitation I can say that “Eye of the tiger” is one of the most motivational song that I have ever heard.

There is a famous dialogue in Rocky Balboa (2006) – its 6th instalment:


It ain’t about how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward

Sounds inspiring? Yes.
Should we use it in real life? Yes.

Can it be applicable in all real life situations? No.

Imagine this scenario. You are walking down a lonely road. Suddenly you are stopped by some drunken miscreant, with a knife in his hand. You have no escape route. Now tell me. While holding your ground would u allow him to take a stab at you? Or would you defend yourself and fight for your life? I believe most of us will choose the latter one.

Let me walk you through another situation. You are working on a project, where requirements are not clear. You work hard to build a module just to learn that it has got a number of change requests. This results in you missing your deadlines even while you over exert yourself while trying to meet the expectations of the client. The client started screaming on you. You try to explain to your boss about this situation, but she says it is your fault, as you were not paying attention to the requirements while the client was explaining. In such a scenario, what would you do? Would you like to just keep pushing yourself and try to meet the expectations of the client? Or would you like to resolve the conflicts, so that you can deliver a good product? I always opt for the latter.

To handle such situation, I have developed a methodology which I call “The RHHHK methodology” (and i pronounce it as R Triple H K). It has 5 action points to handle such situations:

  • Raise your guards and try to diffuse
  • Hit first
  • Hit fast
  • Hit hard
  • KO

You can grab a copy of my book “How To Win Every Battle In Life: The RHHHK Methodology” from below links for more details.

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