5 proven ways to increase followers on Twitter.

By September 13, 2017Growth Hacking

Twitter, when used correctly, can be the most powerful tool for branding and generating leads for your business. However, you need to have a strong follower base to achieve your goals. Here are 5 proven ways to increase followers on Twitter.

  1. Complete your profile

First thing first. Nothing is as disappointing as a incomplete profile. Make sure the profile is complete. The bio section should give a clear picture of what you are. Your profile picture should be decent. You can use the cover picture to convey a strong message to your followers.


  1. Follow as much user as you can

The next step is to follow as many users as you can. When you follow someone, she/he might follow you back. However, you need to unfollow people who are not following you back. This way you can maintain a good follower:following ratio.


  1. Favorite and retweet relevant tweets

When you favorite or retweet someone’s tweets, they often tend to follow you. Though chances are not as higher as step#2, it does not hurt to favorite or retweet some good tweets. It also helps in keeping your followers engaged.


  1. Post frequently

Once you have some good number of followers, you would like to keep them engaged. For this, you need to tweet as frequently as possible. While tweeting, make sure you use proper hashtags. Also it helps when you add some image with your tweets.


  1. Market your twitter handle

Once your twitter handle is active and functional, you need to market it. Use your twitter handle in your mail signature, other social networking sites, or just anywhere possible. Thats the best way of free marketing.

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