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Who am I?

Hello! I’m Anshuman Patro, an independent Productivity and Leadership consultant from Mumbai, India, with an experience of more than a decade.

Officially, my job is to help organizations boost the productivity quotient of their team with my tried and tested #RHHHK methedology. .
Which is a fancy way of saying that I am on a mission to help organizations, technologists, managers and young entrepreneurs to achieve their goals, by unleashing their true potential.

Which really means, I am here to help you become more productive.

Few of the milestones that I have managed to achieve so far using RHHHK are:

  • Increased CTR by 75% for Admagnet.
  • Increased client acquisition by 300% for TradesmartOnline.
  • Launched India’s first cloud-based trading application based on PWA for TradesmartOnline.
  • Provided absolute 0 attrition in the Tech Team of TradesmartOnline in the very first year.
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Latest Books

Before we start getting into what is RHHHK and how can it ensure that you succeed every time, let me walk you through a situation, we all have experienced at some point of time in our career.

You are working on a project, where requirements are not clear. You work hard to build a module just to learn that it has got a number of change requests. This results in you missing your deadlines even while you overexert yourself while trying to meet the expectations of the client. The client starts screaming at you. You try to explain to your boss about this situation, but she says it is your fault, as you were not paying attention to the requirements while the client was explaining.

Sounds familiar, isn’t it? In such a scenario, what would you do? Would you like to just keep pushing yourself and try to meet the expectations of the client? Or would you like to resolve the conflicts, so that you can deliver a good product? I always opt for the latter.

To handle such situation, I have developed a methodology which I call “The RHHHK methodology” (and I pronounce it as R Triple H K). It has 5 action points to handle such situations:
Raise your guards and try to diffuse
Hit first
Hit fast
Hit hard
Knock Out

If you practice this methodology, you can get benefited by it from day one itself.

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Some Happy Corporates

What they say about my productivity workshops.

"Your enthusiasm is contagious, and we hope to implement your suggestions in our daily life."

- Akash Sadavarte, MD.

"The workshop helped the team to understand how to priotize their tasks and make the correct use of their time."

- Ashish Tripathy, CEO.

"The concept of RHHHK helped our tech team learn about how to deliver quality projects on time and budged."

- Bibhu Padhy, CEO.

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Some free resourses to increase productivity

How To Win Every Battle In Life Using The RHHHK Methodology

Subscribe now to grab a free copy of my best selling book and improve productivity using the #RHHHK methodology.

How To Achieve Your Life Goals: Conquering The Darkness Within

The book “How To Win Everything In Life” is an explanation of the “RHHHK methodology” – a tried and tested formula curated by Anshuman Patro. RHHHK can be applied across various areas like Sales, Marketing, Technology, Self Help, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship.

What People have achieved using RHHHK?
1. In the year 2016, a finance company was able to increase client acquisition by 300%.
2. In the financial year 2016-2017, Anshuman’s own team managed to achieve absolute 0 attrition rate.
3. In the year 2018 one of Anshuman’s client became the first broking house in India to release a cloud-based trading application using PWA.


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